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I have a new book on the way. Although I am busy editing Thurkill’s Rebellion (part 3 of the Huscarl Chronicles), i am – in parallel – working on a new project. Editing can be so dull, so it’s nice to balance it out with something new and exciting. Not settled on a title yet…

Thurkill’s Rebellion

The 3rd book in the Huscarl’s Chronicles series is close to completion. Currently undergoing its 3rd draft, I hope to have a version ready to send out to a few trusted readers before the end of July. Thurkill’s Rebellion deals with the period around the second half of 1067 and into 1068 when the reality…

Thurkill’s Battle – Out Now

My latest project is a sequel to Thurkill’s Revenge, entitled: Thurkill’s Battle. This story takes us from the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings, through Duke William’s coronation on Christmas Day, 1066 and into the first year of William’s reign.

Second novel published

My second novel, Thurkill’s Revenge, was published on Amazon in February 2018.

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